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Coffee Connection FAQs

Want to learn more?  Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the UrbanUs Coffee Connection.

  1. Is there any long term commitment? Absolutely not!  You can cancel at any time without penalty.
  2. Can I talk to one of your coffee staff about the monthly service and ask questions?  We'd love to answer your questions!  Email us at, include your phone number, and we will give you a call to answer your questions.
  3. Is this one of those clubs that tries to lock you in, and ends up making you buy things you don’t need or want each month?  No!  We have no commitment, and only send you coffee if you need it. Skip a month, or cancel any time.
  4. What if I end up with too much coffee?  Easy, just login to you account and “Skip a month”.
  5. What if I like to browse selections, would like to learn about where the coffee comes from, and want to try new coffees every month?  We created our Monthly Club Staff Picks just for you! Sign up, choose the Dark or Medium Staff Pick, select a shipping schedule, and we'll help you explore the globe. Receive something you just don’t like?  Just tell us and we will replace it at no cost to you.