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Brown UrbanUs Pour Over - Carafe

This ceramic hand made "Pour Over - Carafe" makes perfect drip coffee every time using the Chemex or V60 style Pour Over brewing method.  Top portion is modeled after the best pour over brewers, and the bottom is a ceramic carafe which keeps coffee warm after brewing.  In the spirit of community thru coffee, serve your friends and family a delicious cup of UrbanUs Coffee in this stylish brewer.

UrbanUs Coffee spent months working with a talented potter to create a beautiful piece of art that is also designed to brew delicious coffee.  Use any standard V60 or Chemex Coffee Filters in the top cone for this pour over brew kit 

Note each piece is hand made to be unique by our artist (Colors may vary slightly from pictures).  Ships for $10 flat rate anywhere in the US and is insured for shipping (Note, if showing out of stock, allow 2 weeks for shipment as they are custom made.)

Recommended Recipe:  30g coffee (grind setting: drip-medium).  Add 450 ml (450g) of water (1ml = 1 gram).  Always Pre-heat pot by pouring in hot water to rinse filter, and then empty water before adding fresh UrbanUs coffee to rinsed filter.  Follow any standard pour over video instructions on You Tube for Chemex or V60

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