When Life Gives You Lemons- Trade Them For Coffee

When Life Gives You Lemons- Trade Them For Coffee

At UrbanUS we believe in supporting our community- locally and globally. We always roast using 100% fair trade arabica beans and emit zero carbon emissions. This helps out communities locally and globally. But what is the fair-trade coffee industry. It is such a common "buzz-word" in media, but what does it truly mean?

Essentially fair-trade means that the coffee farmers are paid fairly for their batch of green coffee beans. UrbanUs is supplied by ICT,  Intercontinental Coffee Trading. They are one of the largest fair trade green coffee suppliers in the world. Their passion, much like ours is to serve our community and make the world a better place, for coffee farmers and roasters a like. 

Supporting fair trade coffee companies is so important because it continues the cycle of fair wages and great product. You may hear that fair trade coffee tends to be "lower quality" beans. bu ton the contrary, our farmers produce better batches for us, because they know that they will be compensated fairly. Better beans means a better profit. 

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